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Công Ty Tài Chính Mirae Asset (Việt Nam) tuyển dụng

Vị trí: Trợ lý bộ phận An ninh điều tra.

Số lượng: 02.

Mô tả công việc:

- Hỗ trợ các điều tra viên tìm kiếm và thu thập thông tin, giấy tờ, văn bản có liên quan đến các sự vụ điều tra.

- Gọi kiểm tra thông tin các trường hợp nghi ngờ gian lận, lừa đảo.

- Soạn thảo, dịch thuật tài liệu từ tiếng Anh sang tiếng Việt, ngược lại.

- Hỗ trợ các công tác hành chính tại bộ phận.

- Các công việc khác theo sự phân công của Trưởng bộ phận.

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Công ty Luật HSM – Canada tuyển dụng


About HSM

Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, HSM Services has been helping families immigrate to the United States and Canada ensuring that clients are provided with a seamless transition to adjusting to a new life. With a staff in place who bring a wealth of experience in providing over 30 years of immigration consultation, we believe in a mutual trusting relationship with our partners and our clientele. At HSM Services, we guarantee that we exhibit integrity, professionalism and deliver a willingness to deliver proven results in assisting clients in this transition.

Through our investment programs, HSM Services has a proven track record in providing immigration opportunities for clients who would like to immigrate with their families through capital investments. We understand the efforts that are invested through this opportunity and provide potential candidates with a peace of mind that their investment is allocated to the project that works for the client and the project opportunity.



Duties and Responsibilities:

✓ Assist sales & marketing team in promoting company products and services via B2B

agents and B2C clients.

✓ Assist operations team in processing immigration/residency applications.

✓ Handle administrative works assigned by the operations manager

✓ Other tasks assigned by the operations manager.

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